Qualities of Marble as well as The reason why it Makes a great Countertop Kitchen

Although there are various uses of Granite, but the most popular use of granite is as countertop surfaces. There are some unique properties which makes granite good option for use as countertops in modular kitchens and bathrooms.

Following attributes of Granite makes it ideal for use as countertop surfaces:

Excellent Finish - Granite comes in a variety of colors and textures. After a little finish and polish it provides excellent look to the place where they are used. The wide range of look and feel options offers freedom of selection to people.

Countertop Surfaces

Toughness - Granite is considered among the toughest known materials. It is even harder than marble. Due to that, it is highly durable and provides durability to homes if granite is used during construction. Its toughness makes it ideal for use at places where we need rigid or durable materials.


Waterproof - Granite is waterproof, so there is no need to fear in case of spilling water or other liquids on its surface. The non-porous nature of granite makes it ideal material for use in places like kitchen and bathrooms.

Scratch Resistant - Granite is scratch resistant. People do not worry about any scratches caused by use of knife or other similar objects. If used in kitchens Granite Work Surface can be used to cut vegetable, fruits and other eatables without any worry.

Heat Resistant - Granite is heat resistant. That means while working in kitchens, people can directly put hot vessels or utensils on granite countertops without any worry of breaking it.

Easy Maintenance - Granite needs low maintenance. It is very easy to clean granite countertops. A soft wipe using damp cloth can clean Granite countertops. It is even neutral to most of the chemicals, so the oil or other staining materials can be cleaned using chemical too.

Aforementioned attributes of granite make it an ideal substance for use as  Granite Work Surfaces for kitchen and bathrooms during construction of modern homes. It will offer durability as well as beauty to the home wherever used

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