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Arenastone is a stone surface made from pure, organic quartz. Arenastone offers the natural beauty of quartz with around 6 times the toughness and longevity of granite. Approximately 93 percent of Arenastone is extracted quartz crystals, one of attributes's hardest materials. The quartz is integrated with special resins and pigment to create a stone without the high-maintenance.

Arenastone Worktops offer a choice to Granite. Usually less expensive, Arenastone is a Quartz based surface providing boosted color uniformity and pattern compared to Granite. Where as Granite is developed only Arenastone logo design by an ONE HUNDRED % natural cosmetics, Quartz is manufactured and can be made in to a wider selection of colors. So whether you are changing your existing worktops or buying a brand new cooking area, customers who are searching for a specific colour or design will be thrilled from our vast selection of Quartz surfaces.

At Worktop Factory, we are provider of Arenastone cooking area worktops offering Rosso Stelline, Grigio Platino, Bruno Cioccolato and lots of additional. our significant choice of Arenastone worktops from the listed here. Arenastone prices differ according to Arenastone kind, density, dimension, side information and consumer area.

Arenastone worktops

Why pick Arenastone worktops for your cooking area?

Arenastone cooking area work surfaces exude quality and course in a modern kitchen area or contemporary kitchen

Being manufactured, Arenastone is stronger compared to granite and non-porous

Obtain Arenastone worktops UK-wide direct; conserve money on display room Arenastone prices

Appropriate for undermounted sinks, drainer grooves, upstands and granite splashbacks

Arenastone worksurfaces could just be matched by experts. When kitchen base facilities are in spot, templates are made, then worktops are made to order, supplied and fitted by professionals.

This natural quartz is bonded along with special polyester materials and vacuum processed via an unique plant, developing slabs and tiles of a remarkably higher density in a wide combination of stimulating and innovative colors, for the discriminating designer and specifier.

Arenastone has higher resistance to shock, scrape and acid representatives make it an interesting item especially matched for kitchen worktops, bar areas and vanity leadings.

The Advantage Of Arenastone quartz

A high-performing surface, Arenastone is nonporous avoiding unpleasant bacteria, bacteria and mildew. It does not call for sealing, conditioning and polishing. Arenastone is likewise scrape and discolor resistant unlike alternative surface choices such as marble and so on.

Arenastone supplies layout adaptability to make any kind of eyesight a reality. Arenastone colours are Readily available in more than 30 designs providing among the greatest and most tough area products on the marketplace, without endangering on design.

Areenastone can be secured Residential utilizes such as kitchen countertops, islands, peninsulas; bath vanity top, bath stalls and bath surrounds; table tops, fireplace surrounds, window cills, Business uses such as health care facilities, bistros, offices; including conference tables, reception and desktop computers, kitchen counters and credenzas, lobby/interior wall surfaces, cooking areas, labs, and inlays.

Arenastone is intrinsically a nonporous product protecting against unpleasant germs, microorganisms and mold. It does not require closing, conditioning and sprucing up. It is a matter of selection. While Arenastone is made from more than 93 % natural quartz crystals that depend on six times more challenging compared to granite, it is constantly recommended to use a reducing board to prevent any kind of dulling of the surface that could happen over a lasting of area cutting.


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